Friday, April 26, 2013

Craft Shows Coming Up

Craft shows are a great way to meet other artists, check out the goods, and find inspiration. I always leave them with lots of new ideas, whether it's a unique color combination, a new way of using a material that I hadn't thought of before, or a whole new craft I want to try! Here are a few shows I've heard about coming up in Nashville in May, but please feel free to share other in the comments section!

1. TACA Tennessee Craft Fair at Centennial Park. There's also live music on Saturday (when is there not live music in Nashville?). 

2. Spring Market at Stone Fox. *Note: Their poster is now wrong as the date for this has been changed to MAY 18th. 30 local vendors!

3. Porter Flea Market/Craft Show. Not quite in May but very close! This show has the reputation of being very good for/to its vendors and its in an old airplane hanger, which is pretty cool. One day only!

What other shows do you know about that are coming up?

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